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Article Marketing Strategy: Size Matters (Making Your Articles Longer)

It's every article marketer's worst nightmare: you write an article you can be proud of, only to find that the word count is just too short to satisfy your publisher. Since most good publishers have both upper and lower limits on word count to ensure quality, it's vital that you meet the minimum word length - which means you need an article-lengthening strategy up your sleeve.

If you think you've said absolutely everything that you can in your article submission, you'll benefit from these simple tricks for adding valuable content to your article.

1. Elaborate

Pick one point in your article - and elaborate on it.

No matter how focused the topic of your article, there is at least one point that you can add more information to. Chances are, your readers haven't read all of your other articles, so expanding on the more complex parts of your article could prove beneficial.

Explain some technical terms, or provide background context for the more in-depth sections of your article.

2. Introduce Your Article

Your opening paragraph is a great place to add some length to your article without having to work too hard. When you're running short on words, try adding a few sentences by telling your reader one of the following:

*What the article will be about

*What type of reader would get the most use from your article. Is your article for beginners or veterans and experts only? Let your readers know, so they can decide if this is the article for them - or whether one of your other articles would be more suitable for their level or interests.

*What problem your article addresses (especially for How-To articles!)

3. Increase Your Conclusion

They say repetition is a sin, but when it comes to your conclusion, you can break this rule. Repeat the main points of your article and add a summary to lengthen your conclusion and increase your overall word count.

Additionally, you could also use your conclusion to:

*Encourage the reader to act on the information you've provided in the article

*Provide specific instructions for what to do next

*Pose a question that will leave your reader thinking about your article

4. Add A Dose of Reality

Add a demonstration or real-life story to your article to flesh out your advice and bump up your word count. This is a great way to provide interesting, useful content that your readers will love, instead of simply "padding" your article to an appropriate length.

5. Use Similes

A simile is a way of comparing something abstract to something concrete, in order to make your readers understand a complex idea. Take this example:

Just like a boat can take a person from one island to another, so a link on the internet can take a person from one webpage to another.

By using a familiar image (a boat floating between islands), you can help your reader to better understand a subject they may be unfamiliar or struggling with.

By using a couple of these tips, you'll find it easy to add some meat to your article, and bulk it out to an appropriate length for publishers. Instead of worrying that you're article is too short, just view this as an opportunity to add yet more value to your article. Have fun with these tips, and experiment to see which ones work best for you.

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